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   About the Meeting:

Location: Westin/Shangri-La Hotel, Sydney Australia

Meeting Format: The format of the meeting will result in a useful exchange of information not only for neurochemists but also investigators from other disciplines. Six sessions will accommodate 6-8 speakers, 20-30 minutes per presentation.  We also plan to organize an open poster session followed by poster discussion.  The poster session and discussion are designed for other investigators to participate and hopefully to introduce a "Workshop" atmosphere to the session.

Abstracts: Deadline to submit an abstract to Syed F. Ali (syed.ali@fda.hhs.gov) has not yet been announced.  See the abstract sample for details.

Registration: To be announced

Hotel Accommodation Form: To be announced


Language: English is the official language of the ISN 

   Satellite meeting.


Program: To be announced. Click here for flyer.


Session Topics:

To be announced









The Fifth Annual International Drug Abuse Research Society / International Society for Neurochemistry Satellite Meeting

Sydney Australia

August 18-21, 2015



Syed F. Ali (USA)


Syed F. Ali (USA) George Koob (USA)

Sakire Pogun (USA)

Ersin Koulu (Turkey)

Barbara Mason (USA)

Jesus Angulo (USA)

Emmanuel Onaivi (USA)

Felix Carvalho (Portugal)

Hyoung-Chun Kim

(S. Korea)

James O'Callaghen (USA)

Hakan Coskunol (Turkey)

Michael Kuhar (USA)






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